DMS Athletics Philosophy

Middle school students are experiencing a time in their lives of tremendous growth and immense change. As they deal with this they are often overly excited, confused, argumentative, curious, erratic, sensitive, moody, and self-conscious. They are searching for identity and acceptance from their peers. Through middle school sports students learn fair play and sportsmanship. They are to participate, be given chances, and be allowed to make mistakes. They are to learn to appreciate teamwork, understand that hard work and perseverance lead to success, and learn how to deal with coaches, referees, opponents, peers, and themselves.

We Want Our Athletes to Learn How to
  • Compete, because we want them to compete for the best jobs someday.
  • Lead, because our country is relying on them to be the next generation of leaders.
  • Advocate for themselves, because someday they are going to have to stand up for themselves and do what they know is right.
  • Fail, because someday they will be forced to face and overcome adversity.
  • Create a great team culture, because we want them to build strong family cultures.
  • Demonstrate integrity, because others are watching and learning from them right now.
  • Commit and sacrifice, because we need them to become great parents.
  • Be accountable, disciplined, selfless, and mentally tough athletes so as parents they will know how to raise young people who are the same way.
Requirements for Participation

Prior to first practice

  1. Current Sports Physical on file at school.

  2. Consent to Treat form completed.

Prior to Competition

  1. $55 activity fee paid

  2. Eligibility requirements met (grades, attendance, behavior)

Reminders for Parents:

Traveling to Away Contests: Student-athletes must travel to the contest with the team on a school bus. Returning from Away Contests: Parents must sign out their child from all away events. Student-athletes are only allowed to ride home with their own parent(s) unless prior approval has been given by the Athletic Director. Please do not ask a coach for an exception to this rule.

Grievance Procedure:

  1. Student-athlete meets with the coach.
  2. Student-athlete and parent meets with the coach.
  3. Student-athlete, parent, and the coach meet with the Athletic Director
  4. Student-athlete, parent, coach, and Athletic Director meet with the Principal.

***All meetings must be prearranged. Please do not try to meet with the coach immediately before or after a competition.

Sportsmanship: Please remember it is our job as parents, fans, and spectators to demonstrate good sportsmanship towards opponents, officials, and other parents. Don't forget you are representing yourself, your child, Delta Middle School, and the community of Delta. Impressionable young people are watching how you handle and carry yourself.

Parent Pick-up: Please be on time to pick up your child from all games and practices.

Admission Costs:

Regular Season: Adults: $4 Children & Seniors: $2

Tournaments: Adults: $8 Children & Seniors: $4

WHY DO WE CHARGE ADMISSION TO OUR EVENTS? The money that we charge spectators goes towards purchasing new equipment and uniforms and improving our facilities to enhance the experience of our student-athletes and spectators. It is also used to pay officials and game workers who play a significant role in our game day experience.